Looking for your first Developer?

Startups struggle with their initial tech hiring process

When searching for their first software engineer, startups often rely on their personal network or hire junior profiles. However, it's crucial for the first engineer to be a senior with full-stack experience, business knowledge, and the ability to design the product's architecture. Founders who build an MVP with available resources risk accumulating technical debt and turnover when attempting to scale without a CTO or founding engineer.

How can I help you

As someone who has built multiple ambitious products from scratch in early-stage startups and created my own startup (see Work Experience), I have a deep understanding of the requirements of a startup.
As a senior full-stack developer with strong technical knowledge, I can help design, build, and run your startup products with a Software Craftsmanship approach. Additionally, I can recruit and lead other developers and act as your partner in design, ideation, and business.
I might be interested in joining your startup as a founding engineer!
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Mistakes founders I noticed with early Tech Hiring

  • Many founders underestimate the importance of their first engineer, leading to an increase in technical debt that impacts the startup's life cycle, sometimes without realizing it.
  • Additionally, founders often look for a simple full-stack developer profile, which lacks the versatility needed to make the right decisions or take on multiple roles during this phase.
  • Lastly, founders may require their first engineer to be an unpaid co-founder, which may be ideal but highly unlikely. This can lead to wasted time and lowered standards, ultimately leading to a potentially disastrous co-founder match.