By the polyvalent nature of my past experiences (founder, CTO), I tend to get T-shaped skills.


Technical architecture

I design complex technical solutions and products, for custom needs.

Full-Stack and Mobile software development

I build entire web and mobile products, from the back-end to the front-end.

User Experience Designer

I ensure user experiences that feels good, by designing intelligent workflows and clean user interfaces.

Product management

I help handling product lifecycle: ideation, development, planning, pricing, launching, marketing, support, etc.

Tech lead / training

I help junior developers to level up, by teaching them good practices.

Soft Skills

High level of requirement

I pay high attention to details and try to deliver the best solution, because making things work is not enough.

Effective communication

I Listen, explain, document, draw, and use both async & sync communication.

Healthy relationship

I truly value workspaces full of trust, honesty and kindness.

Force of Proposal

I brainstorm, challenge ideas and mitigate risk by anticipating potential issues.

Remote and on-site working

I work from home for many years and get things done, but like meeting my colleagues on-site too.